LUMS ensures an enabling environment for learning and takes strict action against Violation of Code of Conduct.


  • At least 80% attendance is required to receive certificate of attendance.
  • Attendance will be marked during the first ten minutes of every class.
  • Participants coming late or leaving early from the class will be marked absent.
  • Marking proxy attendance is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of LUMS policies.
  • CES reserves the right to not award a certificate if the course criteria is not met.
  • A fee of PKR 5000 will be charged in case of name change or reprint of certificate.


Students who need to leave early for appointments will be required to inform the CES staff beforehand and check-out through the CES Office.

Special Leave
If students need to be excused for the entire day, guardians will be required to send an email to the CES team 24-48 hours in advance at:

Routine Leave
Students who need exemptions on a weekly basis will be required to communicate the exact dates and timings to the CES team at the email:


  • A fee of PKR 3000 will be charged in case of damage to or loss of smart card.
  • Participants are required to return the Smart card at the end of the session.
  • Failure to do so can result in non-issuance of certificate and the participant being barred entry into LUMS.
  • In case of lost or stolen card, participant should immediately contact the team with their details at:


  • Participants can be allowed access to Library upon request.
  • Participants have read-only access to the books within the Library premises.

  • Misuse of the Smart card on and off-campus or facilitating unauthorized access to outsiders to enter the campus will be a breach of LUMS policy and can result in strict disciplinary action.
  • Participants will be charged in case of damage to any LUMS property.
  • Note: CES may cancel a course due to insufficient enrolments. In this case, you can select another course.