The Centre for Continuing Education Studies (CES) at LUMS is dedicated to extending educational opportunities to diverse learning communities in Pakistan. Our programs, designed and delivered by highly acclaimed industry experts and academics, are tailored to the needs and expectations of learners from various walks of life.

Through an extensive range of courses, offered in a variety of fields and formats, CES seeks to support students, professionals and non-traditional learners to pursue their newly found interests, rediscover old passions, develop professional expertise, or simply expand their intellectual horizons.


The Centre for Continuing Education Studies (CES) at LUMS is delighted to be delivering a Summer School programme for high school students. 

The Summer School @LUMS provides students a platform to learn in an intellectually stimulating environment and experience the social and academic opportunities a college education has to offer. Designed for high school students, our program offers courses from diverse disciplines as well as guidance regarding college applications and preparation. Our program this year includes courses on writing, arts, languages & literature, and skill-building, as well as additional workshops for college applications. 

Not only will students get to explore the LUMS campus like a second home, but will also get a Certificate of Participation at the end of the program.