The Centre for Continuing Education Studies (CES) at LUMS is now offering a Young Scholars Programme for students of the ages 9 through 12. This program is carefully curated to attend to your child's creative and academic needs, offering a range of courses to choose from! The goal of the programme is to inculcate analytical skills and encourage young students to pursue the lines of inquiry that fascinate them. Young Scholars selected for the program will get the opportunity to interact with peers and mentors, attend classes that introduce them to an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and spend their summer making incredible memories!

The Young Scholars Programme is a one-week day-camp for students of ages 9 through 12 in the upcoming school year. We are looking for students who enjoy participating in creative classes and making new friends, or simply want to sharpen their skills related to debates, mathematics, and communication.

The Summer 2022 Young Scholars programme will take place in-person from June 20 to June 28, 2022, on the LUMS campus, Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. During a day's session, a young scholar's routine is split into two components: one lecture session on communication skills, and one elective class from the two that are being offered, and it is up to the scholar to decide which one they want to enroll in.

LUMS YSP is open to students who are in Lahore during the summer. Applicants outside this area are welcome to apply, however, parents or guardians are responsible for all lodging, transportation to and from campus, and meals. LUMS does not provide housing for YSP participants.

+ Core Course
  • Communication Skills
+ Elective Course
  • Contemporary Debates
  • Flourishing at Mathematics