LUMS has four residential colleges which comprise of 12 residential buildings. The five residential buildings for female students are Mubarik Hall, Perwin Ali Hall, Henna-Amina Hall and MZMG Hall. The seven residential buildings for male students are M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7. It is a high security campus with the hostels being safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. All the residential buildings are managed by helpful and alert housing officers all day, including during the night shift. Please note that accomodation is not guaranteed.

Dining Facilities

LUMS has many dining options on campus. LUMS has its own Pepsi Dining Centre (PDC), which provides meals at reasonable prices; around PKR 150/- per meal. Other dining options include on-campus restaurants like Chop Chop, Zakir Tikka, Flavours Cafe LUMS Khokha, Superstore, Jammin Java, Tabaq, Delish and Subway. These meals are also offered at discounted prices.

Other Facilities

LUMS also offers recreational facilities such as the Sports Complex and the Aquatic Center; there are nearly 40 indoor and outdoor sports played. If students wish to use the Aquatic Center, there will be an added fee.

LUMS also offers a wide range of books at its on-campus Library.

The campus also consists of a beautifully designed community mosque which is open 24 hours a day.