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Session 1 dates: June 14, 2019 to July 5, 2019

Session 2 dates: July 12, 2019 to July 26, 2019



  • Thank you SSL for making 21 days the most missed and memorable days for us.

    Hadiya Mudassar

    SSL Alumni

  • Overall, it was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed to our fullest. It was a great journey overall and above all.

    Uneeba Baseer Alam

    SSL Alumni

  • LUMS has changed my perspective about several things in life, which I had never known in the 10 years I spent at school.

    Mizghaan Kakakhel

    SSL Alumni

  • I will surely cherish the moments I spent there: from arguing on small things to laughing on the silliest of things, everything was there in LUMS. One thing is for sure, I am coming back again.

    Wahaj Faisal

    SSL Alumni

  • LUMS made me more confident to follow my dreams. I loved how the instructors focused on “what you want to do in life” rather than “what you should do”.

    Hadiya Azhar

    SSL Alumni

  • I was taken aback by how the other participants and the SSL management welcomed me with open arms. Wish it could have been longer!

    Daniyal Kashif

    SSL Alumni

  • I was truly overjoyed when I first entered LUMS but little did I know was that the following 3 weeks were to be the happiest days of my life and memories I will cherish always.

    Maham Zahid

    SSL Alumni

  • If I had to remember five memories in my life, then SSL is definitely on top of the list! Learning with FUN and FAMILY is SSL.

    Talha Abbas

    SSL Alumni

  • It is a great way to spend summer vacations: learning, having a proper routine and having fun.

    Mushaf Ali

    SSL Alumni


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