Impress your friends by learning how to design professional-looking and eye-catching graphics, whether you are creating banners or flyers, making images for your website, or simply editing photos into eye-catching wonders on Photoshop. Learn computer typography, how to add special effects to images and videos, and combine all of them into stunning presentations. Learn how professionals compose photographs and videos, and make your own mini-movie! On top of all this, learn computer animation too! Become computer savvy just within three weeks!

This course will help you in your future endeavours as it is a mix of Presentation Skills and Public Speaking. At the end of this course, you will have spectacular Presentation skills and will be confident enough to present in front of an audience. Alongside this, you will learn how to set your priorities and how to create a work/personal balance.

This course will be a mix of advertising and marketing. Advertising is an audio or visual form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. It will teach you how to advertise your product not only on paper, but also practically. In the end, you will create an advertising campaign.

Pottery will allow you to design and have the opportunity to express yourself through the use of various mediums and techniques. This course will allow you to make whatever you desire using a pottery wheel! Make cups, bowls, sculptural art pieces, and much more! You will explore the endless possibilities of clay-making and have the time of your life. This will not only give you the space to express your creative abilities, but will also teach you the different techniques. Some of the basic methods of hand-building will be taught, such as coiling, pinching, building with slabs, and sculpting.

Be sure to know that you will need to bring clothes that can potentially get dirty during these classes. You can take whatever projects you make back home!

P.S. Be sure to know that you will need to bring clothes that can potentially get dirty during these classes.
P.P.S You can take whatever projects you make back home!

Mandarin is a language that is important in today’s world. You will learn the basics of the language where you will be able to introduce yourself, learn the numbers, weekdays and months, ask for directions and order at a restaurant.

This course will teach you the important techniques needed to learn Martial Arts. You will learn the basic techniques such as the fighting stance, how to jab and hook, and the correct footwork and the proper kicking techniques.

This workshop will focus on looking at the night sky, counting the constellations, and learning all there is about planets. It will take you through the world of stars and eventually going to the Big Bang and the Milky Way. Any curious questions regarding the Black Hole, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy? This would be the workshop for you!

This course will master your writing skills and introduce students to different writing and poetry genres. This will help students in starting their writing career!

Learn the in-depth knowledge on Psychology and other topics such as, decision-making, coping with stress and anxiety, positive thinking, IQ enhancing techniques, personality development, anger management, and even time management skills!