This course will introduce you to the basics of Zumba. Zumba will get you moving to the beat with fun workouts specifically choreographed!

This course will help in personal enrichment and will incorporate different areas of arts and crafts, such as DIY products, drawing and sketching, mosaics, arrangement of flowers. This will be a hands-on experience.

This workshop will not only give an introduction to environmental studies, but also productive ways of using waste resources such as recycling etc.

Mandarin is a language that is important in today’s world. You will learn the basics of the language where you will be able to introduce yourself, learn the numbers, weekdays and months, ask for directions and order at a restaurant.

Interested in the new technologies that are taking over the world? Join this course for an introduction to how robots work and what good they are doing in our time and age. You will also get to make your own robot!