The program was a one-week day camp and was from June 20th to June 28th, 2022, on the LUMS campus itself.

June 30, 2022

The Centre for Continuing Education Studies (CES) at LUMS, for the first time ever, organized a Young Scholars Programme for students of the ages 9 through 12. This program was carefully designed to meet every child's artistic and intellectual requirements and offered a variety of courses to pick from! The program's purpose was to instill analytical skills and inspire young children to explore fields of investigation that interested them. The Young Scholars chosen for the program had the chance to connect with their peers and mentors, attend classes that introduced them to an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and spent their summer creating unforgettable memories! The program nurtured and sharpened pre-existing skills related to debates, mathematics, and communication. 

The program was a one-week day camp and was from June 20th to June 28th, 2022, on the LUMS campus itself. It commenced with an orientation session where the young students were welcomed to LUMS and led into an auditorium where they were informed of what they were to expect from the following week and the rules and regulations they needed to follow. Before this they collected their course packs which contained all the information they needed to get through the rest of the program. Additionally, the young scholars were also given personal smartcards, which granted them access to many of the facilities LUMS had to offer. 

A regular day for a young scholar was split into two components: one lecture session on communication skills, and one elective class from the two that were being offered, and it was up to the scholar to decide which one they wanted to enroll in. The two they could choose from were 'Contemporary Debates' and 'Flourishing at Mathematics'. The day usually concluded with a fun activity, where all the students participated with enthusiasm and fervor! 

The program finally concluded with a Graduation Ceremony. The students had successfully completed the program and were congratulated for their success. They were called on stage, one after the other, and handed certificates by the Pro Chancellor, Abdul Razaq Dawood, and the Vice Chancellor, Arshad Ahmad. The last matter was the group picture which ended the ceremony and the program.

It was definitely an eventful week with these Young Scholars! 

Written by Maryam Khan

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The programme commenced with an orientation session where the students were welcomed to LUMS.