About Us

LUMS is one of the leading world-class institutions not just in Pakistan, but in the region of Asia. It is ranked Pakistan’s No. 1 university and positioned at 111th in Asia by QS University Rankings. It has a proud history of achievement and ambitious plans for the future. The LUMS community is keen to attract students who are not only academically competent, but also have the potential to contribute to the learning environment of LUMS.

LUMS has top industry professionals teaching its programmes. Some of these faculty members are from the world’s finest universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. Furthermore, the LUMS 100-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities can be comparable to international standards. It has about 44 dynamic student societies and around 290 society events held each year.

Why Summer School @LUMS?

Joining Summer School @LUMS (SSL) will be a guaranteed unforgettable experience! SSL will provide you with the opportunity to groom yourselves, explore, learn, and, of course, enjoy! The activities we offer range from academic courses like graphic design and communication skills, to hobby based ones, such as performing arts, musical instruments, and photography. Not only will you get to explore the LUMS campus like a second home, you will also get a fantastic LUMS certification at the end of it all.

Summer School Mission

The Summer School is open to students from diverse backgrounds interested in a magical summer at LUMS.